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Would you like to know how much your home is worth?
Wondering if you can afford to live in a certain part of the Bay Area?
Do you want to know if your area has the best schools for your children?
Curious as to what sort of income an investment property can make for you?

Established in 1999

When I was a first time homebuyer in 1999, I knew little about real estate and was nervous in dealing with all the different variables that go into buying a property. It all came at me at once. I learned from that experience that it really helps to have a good agent not only help you buy the property, but also to offer you advice to guide you through the steps that come afterward. I really make it a point to always make myself available to my clients, even well after the deal is completed.

I really do enjoy helping people obtain what they are looking for. Sometimes it requires prioritizing, from 1 through 10, what the most important details are of the property you want to buy. I can help you with that process. If you are looking to sell your property to buy in another area in the North Bay, East Bay, or in San Francisco, then I can offer you advice after a brief conversation on what area would be best for you.

I grew up in the North Bay, but have lived now in the East Bay for many years, while also several different parts of San Francisco for nearly a decade (where I also attended high school). I've also conducted real estate business, and specialize, in the East Bay, North Bay and San Francisco. As a result, I'm very familiar with all of Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Francisco County, Marin County and Sonoma County.

Simply put, real estate is my life. I enjoy my profession. What I find most satisfying is pleasing my clients and watching their joy as they enter a property as the new owner.

Feel free to contact me today and ask me any real estate question you would like!